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Company Information

To enhance your outdoor experience and promote Humboldt County, California as an adventure destination. We are committed to designing and making outdoor adventure clothing and gear that is Humboldt and Himalayan Strong!

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Inspired by the adventure and outdoor spirit of Humboldt County, CA. Made in the Heart of the Himalayas in Kathmandu, Nepal. Humboldt AdventureWear is a division of North Coast Adventure Centers, Inc (NCAC).

The Outdoor Experts:
All Humboldt AdventureWear (HAW) products are made in Nepal by our partner factories. New products are tested by NCAC's rock climbing, canopy tour, and eco-tour guides in Humboldt County, California.

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All products are made to our technical specifications to withstand the elements from the Himalayas to Humboldt Bay. Humboldt AdventureWear was founded during a river expedition to Nepal in the late summer of 2010 by Derek Hilson and Jon O’Connor. While in Kathmandu, they took the first steps in designing and creating Humboldt AdventureWear. Both Derek and Jon are guides and owners of NCAC.

Humboldt AdventureWear supports living wages and donates 2% annually to Nepali charities. Factory workers are paid above the Nepali minimum wage, a huge 18-20% of wholesale costs go to the factory workers. Factories and living wage conditions are inspected every order.

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